Friday, June 15, 2012

Their paths...


Sometimes I wonder how their paths will turn out or which direction they will go. Crooked more than straight? Curved, bent wildly or narrow and steep?

I am awed at the very fact that I get to watch it, but nervous about it too. I have two sons mind you. Bless their hearts for they just might invite trouble without meaning to.

Then, I remember who gave them to me. He has their future in His hands. How my prayers for my children do make a difference.

I think about how the Lord took care of me all of my life thus far and how much I've changed. 
I gaze down my path and see where I chose Him, see the clues of His love, grace and forgiveness.

I trust God with my children completely. I am delighted to be blessed with His children (my sons) and that He trusted me to influence their lives toward Him. I am entrusted to help teach them how to be and love them.
 I am grateful for this Path!


  1. WOW...what a great perspective on raising boys. I love it! "I trust God with my children completely." this is true for most of us, I think, yet sometimes I still want to set the path or correct the course.

    Great post! Thank you for stopping by my place. Sorry it took me all day to get over here.


  2. Trusting God with my kids is tough... it's hard not to try to take on everything by myself. As if I ever could. But then I remember that God loves them more than I do.

    I'm with you, though, looking down their future paths makes me nervous. Prayer, right? How non-believing parents get through a single day without praying is beyond me.


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