Friday, June 8, 2012

Unmet expectation


I dislike that I have expectations because that means that I am only thinking about what I want. It represents disappointment since nothing EVER goes perfectly as planned.
How do you not have them when you are looking forward to a visit? Forward to a special event?
I have been in this new town for a year and have expected to make a close friend, connect to a church, want to be here, but these are unmet expectations.
Then I realize that having expectations is like hope. It is waiting for something to hang on to and often it is all that keeps one breathing.
I'll trusting God I can't help but anticipate that there will be answers even if those answers don't match mine. I expect to see the Lord working at some point. Blessings do arrive eventually.

The Lord wants us to expect to see Him...and I do and I am grateful.


  1. Hi Dionne, what a truth-filled post this morning! Yes, expectations should be hope, I think. But hope leaves it up to God's sovereignty where expectations are simply our own. The only thing we can expect is His faithfulness. Thank you for your insight today! Joining you from 5 Minute Fridays! :-) Have a good weekend!

  2. Yes!

    Change comes quickly ... and transitions are hard. May you be blessed with new connections - soon!

  3. Oh, that word expectations just makes my stomach churn.. because I have too many of them. Because I let those unmet expectations ruin my days and weeks, let those unmet expectations leave me grumbly and bitter. I am learning to be expectant rather than to harbor expectations. I think expectancy is the soul sister of hope.

    You can be expectant that God has a good plan for you in your new community! I remember all too well how hard it is to wait for Him to carve out a special niche in a new place and send that prayed for and waited for friend.

  4. oh I get this oh too well. Army Wife here. moved to a town almost three years ago not knowing one soul and finally after two and a half found a church I call home and friends that I have connected well with. It was during that time that I got to know God in Big Huge ways that I never would have otherwise. God led us perfectly to where we needed to be in His perfect time. I pray that connection for you happens soon .

  5. I'm praying those connections ~ to a new friend and a home church ~ will happen. I'm also praying that He will be even closer to you during this time.


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