Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Fairy Garden...(in pictures mainly)

By popular requests...I am showing the beginning of my Fairy Garden...I am still looking for some miniature plants that do well with less sun. Other than that, the garden is pretty complete.  In the pictures below, you will find four fairies...some are hidden and some are sitting in the garden, garden tools, frogs, a bird bath and bird feeder. There is a gate as well as some rocks hubby and I've collected over the years in our hiking and other adventures.

Large view of garden.

Notice the watering can and other essential tools?


Here are two more views of the garden...

So picture a little more green where there is dirt and the fairies will be happy since they have Bleeding hearts for hats and a place to rest.

Happy Spring!

Covered in Grace


  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE this!!! I had just picked out an area in our backyard where I was going to have the kiddos build a little fairy house so the fairies could come and visit.

  2. How cute is this?????!!!!!! Thanks for linking up with the Monday Meet-Up! Happy Thursday!

  3. It looks beautiful!
    I found you on Monday Meet Up.
    God bless!
    Your newest follower


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