Thursday, August 23, 2012

Writer's Workshop: These things in nature make me smile

These things in nature make me smile...
Okay, they make me laugh too! Like this lazy lizard we took a picture of...I just want to be that Collard Lizard. Ya know, basking in the sun, looking all pretty and not having to worry about sun damage or if I shaved. Ahem.

We took a backpacking trip (before kids) in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is one of my favorite scenes. Glorious!
Crossing bridges over beautiful rivers!
Sweet baby birds sitting on my fence. Don't you just want to hug them?

I have always been lucky enough to have nature constantly knock on my back door...okay, some have traipsed into my home without an invitation, but that is a different story for another post. However, my loyalty to letting nature be itself has rewarded me with amusing tales and experiences. So before I share one of my favorites stories, I have to tell you that Hummingbirds make me smile the most.

Don't be fooled by their size (some are only about 3 inches big)! These birds can be ruthless. Little jets ripping thru the air and sword fighting one another. I seriously could watch and chuckle for hours. On occasion, I have been scrutinized by these tiny wonders. Don't worry, I was never injured.

So my story? I saved a Hummingbird.

It was a typical muggy, hot Texas day. He ran into the Dairy Queen window where I was going to get an awesome Oreo Blizzard. He was stunned. I picked him up and for the first time in my life, I was holding a Hummingbird on my hand. Seriously, it felt like NOTHING was on my hand. So light and fragile. So we cooled off inside the Dairy Queen where I was greeted with the wide, curious filled eyes of strangers. You would have thought I was a street performer..."Girl trains her pet Hummer to stay on her thumb." One of the kind DQ workers gave me some Coke. So I nudged the little Hummer gently until it took a teeny sip with its' clear tongue.  He perked up, realized he was on a human hand and freaked out. I did manage to get him outside.

So there ya have it, I am a hero in the Hummingbird world. And I was rewarded with that sweet memory. I am grinning widely as I type this...

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  1. What a rare opportunity to hold the wind. I am smiling that he was ok.

  2. That must've been very cool!

  3. That's an awesome story!! Lucky little hummingbird!
    I'll be checking out your link up!! Thanks for the sweet comment Dionne!


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