Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trapped in Parent Land

Parent Land: (Noun) 1.When Someone whom is a parent gets caught up in thinking that their young children daily plot new ways to offend them. 2. Someone caught up in perpetual parent guilt. 3. A place where parents meet to hopefully find camaraderie and to show battle scars.

This is where I am at. Trapped in reruns. I often don't enjoy reruns of some shows. And honestly, who in the world wants to watch mine? Not I, thank you very much.

I seriously find my self offended by and sensitive with my children. Daily I am experiencing a feeling that they really don't like me, enjoy dissing and not listening to me. In one word: I feel disrespected by my children. They are only 2 and 4.  Really?

DON'T you dare say it to impose some self-righteousness, "Welcome to parenting." 
Instead, I am writing this to share my struggle. To voice out what I am feeling in hopes to understand and (see #3 in the definition of Parent Land).

I have always been labeled a sensitive person. I like to call myself compassionate and conscientious if you don't mind.  So I possess a very uncanny sense of the motivation of others, but this is usually better executed with older children and adults. This can be a curse as I find myself questioning people more than I probably ever should. I do this with my children. Yes, sometimes it bores itself out of my insecurities. Out of my need for approval.

But, what if I am wrong? I am wrong at times. What if my children are just well, being children? Here comes the parent guilt! See, I am feeling like my children and I are butting heads more than I want. That I fail more at parenting then succeed. I am afraid they will grow up carrying my baggage or have the issues I still face as an adult. 
I want to protect them. 
Protect them from me...from my sins. I want them to see this woman after God's own heart and not think, hypocrite.
To understand  and clearly see my faith, my love for the Lord...how much I CANNOT and REFUSE to do life without the Lord. He is my hero...my Savior.

YET...I will never do it perfectly. What if I have already crossed the line? What if the yelling, impatience or harshness has already ruined things? What if the hugs, kisses, pats on the back, loving discipline, saying, "I am sorry for..." and open heart and arms is not enough?

What then? 

God steps in and tells my heart, "I've got this, so hand it over."
I am reminded, "...The world and all its people belong to Him." Psalm 24:1 

Alright, your turn. Share your battle scars with me...

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  1. Hi there, thank you so much for your post. I really enjoyed reading it because I see myself in it. I also have two boys and I feel the same way, I am constantly in conflict with myself and my desire to be an example of a person who is after God's own heart, and my short temper and controlling nature. My constant prayer is for the Holy Spirit to take over, for Him to teach me how to surrender and for increased discernment so I can see Him and follow Him. Being a mother is the hardest job on earth...no doubt about it! thanks again and have a blessed day. I'm visiting from Soli Deo Gloria link up.

  2. Thank you for your reallness!!! This morning, I specifically prayed that I would not become so frustrated with my son when dealing with his "no's". "No mom." "No, I don't want to." No..." The no's come in response to flossing, taking prescribed medicines, going to bed, getting up, etc... I want to remain calm, speaking HIS truth in love, while appropriately and calmly responding. It's a challenge, but I must trust in HIM to equip and enable me to instill truths, while instruct lovingly and Biblically.

  3. Oh, Sweetie, I SO hear you! I was convinced that my boys were bent on revenge, and that I deserved it. I remember feeling offended, responding to their emotional outbursts with an emotional outburst of my own.
    Good news... there IS no "line." When you mess up, as we all do, your apologies show them that you still need a Savior. Young kids are so emotional that I think you can give them "I feel sad (or angry) when..." messages. When you add, "...but I shouldn't have..." they will understand.
    Even my strong-willed, boss-of-the-universe kid has turned out to be a precious man of God who loves me and his dad a lot. Seriously, you are on the right track.
    One hint, which I bet you are already doing: I explained to my boys that God had told parents to discipline/correct their kids. I needed to obey Him, just like they needed to obey me. "I can't let you grow up disobeying God," I would conclude.
    Love you!

  4. Nothing humbles us or challenges us more than parenting! While there isn't a training manuel per se, you are on the right track by turning to God's Word ... He knows your boys inside and out. And you, too!



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