Friday, January 18, 2013

I do cherish

Linking up today with FMF...go here. Five minutes to write unabashedly. The Prompt?
Cherished. GO...

I haven't felt cherished by many in my life, but he does. He cherishes me. I saw it last night. He has a headache and feels lousy and he still helped me wrap the cake layers that will go into the freezer until I decorate them today. We cherish our little boys and want them to have a fun birthday complete with a delicious cake (come back later to see pictures).

I am cherished...enough so that when it really matters, he shows me. Sometimes it is in the way he worries about me. Sometimes it is in the coffee he so lovely made for me to resemble the closest version I have ever tasted to Starbucks!

I need to practice the art of cherishing him more...not just when he is cherishing me, but because he is someone I do cherish.


  1. You are very lucky and cherished.

  2. It's the act- both conscious and unconscious most definately. Good luck with the birthday! What a prepared momma to have the cake made ahead!

  3. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. I see we were thinking along the same lines. Isn't it great to have a husband that cherishes you! (insert huge smile!) And you're right, part of cherishing our kids is about having fun traditions where they know they are cherished! Hope you have a fun birthday celebration!

  4. What a sweet post about your Love. I actually wrote about mine too!

  5. How lovely to be cherished by your husband. Love the picture.

    My husband brings me a cup of tea every morning before I get out of bed. :)



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