Friday, January 25, 2013

Again, oh, again.

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Word: Again

My boys both wanted Hulk literally coming out of their cake. Here's my best attempt at that (fondant for hulk was used).

Again, oh again I am celebrating their aging. Their yearly movement toward independence from me. Celebrating? Well, yes, and no. I feel my self push and pull in sync. I can't let go, but again, I have to...eventually. 

I hold him and he wraps his sweet monkey legs around my waist and plays with my hair. These moments will end someday. I tell myself to savor it, but I know it is coming. It is normal. It is life. I tell my reality to shoosh it. 

3 and 5 are glorious ages. Silly, amazing, precious even profound.  And everyone tells you it goes by fast and they are right and I wonder why they feel the need to tell me that. Maybe they want to spare me from the pain they know is coming. The pain of change and letting go of a part of life that you want to relive...AGAIN and AGAIN.


  1. Amazing cake! Wouldn't know where to start. Well done you. I hope you've had wonderful celebrations. We'll be doing 8 and 6 this year. How in the world did we get there?!

  2. Okay, I totally love your five-minute word thing today. And last week's. You have a way of hitting the nail on the head!
    Blessings, Sweetie!

  3. Dionne--I echo Ms. Jan above 'the pain change and of letting go again and again...' just continues, no matter how old your children are.
    It's beautiful that you know this.

    Bless you.

  4. I LOVE the ages of 3&5 and that cake is amazing!!!!Happy Birthday to your boys!!!


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