Thursday, January 31, 2013

When a hallelujah is inappropriate

I read Amy Sullivan's most recent blog (click on her name) and read that someone wrote about not wanting to read about so many Kumbaya moments on blog after blog (I have thought the same thing, but I didn't write it).
      There are times when life doesn't promote joy, a hallelujah and thankfulness in the initial reaction. When my brother shared the sad news of my Papaw's suicide let's just say it took awhile to give the pain to God. Life just isn't always full of profound, deep lessons. Sometimes just breathing is an act of faith and praise to God. Yes, God is always with us, but it isn't a sin to write about everyday occurrences that are not "spiritual" in and of themselves.

 Disclaimer: I am in no way condemning giving God glory, praise or the like. He so deserves it, however, God is also the one whose son wept over Lazarus even though he knew he could and would raise him from the dead. Jesus wasn't like "Now he is heaven and not in pain. Just trust God and things will get better soon."
 Sometimes a hallelujah is inappropriate.

Yes, the above has been said by that good intention 
person whose good intentions were no good 
at all. 
When we give someone this attitude especially in the beginning of their loss, struggle or other trial it is downright cruel. Sometimes people are just insensitive and dismiss your hurt so they don't have to feel the pain with you. Or they want to help you get over it sooner. Ya know "fix" it.

However, it is God who says his power is made perfect in our weakness which means that when we try to push someone out of their weakness, our action could be communicating that God is powerless to work in us. That we should only suffer in the timing and terms of someone else.
 Not okay. Ever.

My point? Even if your blog is to encourage others in Christ, it is okay to be honest about how hard it is to follow God sometimes. This is just as encouraging especially if what your writing is not hopeless, just honest about the struggle. I read a blog that talked about the person wishing the testing and trials would end. The pain in their words made me feel closer to God because there are times when no matter how faithful you are, the trials seem to keep coming almost on top of each other. Even Paul asked God three times to take the thorn (i.e. struggle, weakness, etc.) to be removed. I don't know if God ever removed it. It seems in scripture that it never was.

In the midst of hardships, we need to give each other respect and grace as we grieve and work out our feelings and thoughts.


  1. A lovely reminder about the importance of transparency and honesty ... thank you!

  2. Thank you again for saying it like it is - I find it so hard sometimes to give thanks even when I know full well that is what I'm called to do.
    Today I found the first snowdrops of the year and witnessed a lovely rainbow but also got drenched on the school run and hurt by my children who argued about who should have mummy and who should have grandma at bedtime story time (neither wanted me).
    My hip hurts, I'm tired and my new bathroom scales give me bad, bad news.
    A kumbaya sort of day? Nope.
    Thank you for the 'Me too' moment.

  3. Oh, Helen...that is certainly no kumbaya sort of day! It is super hard for me to follow James 1 and consider it pure joy when trials come. So hard to follow. I am with you my friend.

  4. I'm just now reading this, dear friend... You are so right, and Scripture backs you up. See Proverbs 25:20.

    After my sister died, someone well-meaning and actually very dear to me expressed sympathy but then tossed off, "Well, just remember the good times." (Like that would instantly stop grief in its tracks.) 'Yeah,' my heart said, 'I do. That would be why I'm crying.'

  5. Oh, that person should have stopped before those terrible words came. I know many don't mean too, but still it happens. Yes, don't sing songs to a heavy heart...just arrows digging into a wound that is already there. Ouch! Thank you for reading and the awesome scripture!


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