Friday, January 11, 2013

I don't have it all together

5 Minutes on the word: Dive

 I see women dive right into judging me before they even get to know me. We are really hard on each other ya know. I say I am cold and their phrase, "It's because you are so skinny." I don't think that was a compliment. How do respond to that comment? I usually just grin and change the subject after feeling uncomfortable. These are sisters in Christ too.

I don't have it all together. Maybe you know this, but maybe you don't. I can't say I know what you see when you look at me whether in person or in photos. And I don't know how I come across to you in words, actions...I bet most of the time I haven't a clue.
Sure, I have some things together as a wife, a mom, a friend, a sister, etc. but, maybe I would shock you if ya knew what I didn't, BUT that requires getting to know me.

Plunging headlong into taking a risk that who I let you see on the outside has insecurities on the inside (like should I be wearing a bikini in my post-babies body)?
Yes, I still get an occasional zit on my face.
I have wrinkles (Hey, I am 38).
I have cellulite even though I am thin.
I yell at my kids and hubby (not that I like it).
I trip over words. 
I DON'T think I am a great writer!

I listen to lies in my head too and sometimes I believe someone else has it all together, but that is a lie as well.

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  1. Great post! No, we Christians don't have it all together and all too often we dive into judging one another. Thanks for the reminder that we need to be real to one another.

  2. Hi Dionne! Linking up from #FMF. I agree that women (Christian and non) have a bad habit of immediately pegging someone for who we think they are. I'm guilty of this as well. It takes concious effort to push those thoughts out of your head and come to people with an open heart. Thanks for the reminder that sometimes diving into something isn't something we should be doing!

    1. I love your thoughts here and you are so right that it takes great effort to go beyond what we "think" we know about someone. I am guilty of false assumptions as well. Thank you for visiting!

  3. Does anyone have it all together? I doubt it.

  4. Great post! I relate to this as well.

    I get the "skinny" comments sometimes - well, not anymore lol But I always figure they're just jealous. Is that wrong? I don't know. But it's better than getting all upset and judging them back right?


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