Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My First Vlog (video)

Today, I am attempting my first Vlog or video on my blog. I am nervous. Please be kind!

Well, more "ums" that I wanted, but hey I can always improve, right?

Don't lurk...leave a message of your own struggles, or new things you are trying, a prayer request or a kind comment! Thank you for stopping by. 


  1. Wow, Dionne, when we bring things to the light..Jesus can move even more. Good job being honest. I remember moving to the Seattle area 21 years ago and I cried for 6 months pretty much. It took a VERY long time to make friends and it takes time to build relationships. Hang in there. Reaching out via blogging is a good way to help with friendships.
    And you look beautiful, btw!
    Good luck on the whole foods diet...it takes awhile to make those changes--baby steps, huh?
    Thanks for being brave and trying this!

  2. You did such an awesome job on your vlog. I just wish I lived next door to you! I am going to seriously be praying that God would send you a real, authentic friendship!!

    I am with you on the whole foods thing. But I really hate to cook, so I would not be the best resource. :)

  3. Ok, you are adorable, Dionne. I loved your vlog. Three cheers for your bravery! I am lonely, too. No answers right now.


  4. Dionne, so nice to meet you via video tonight. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing where you are right now. It's tough to connect with new people and forge new friendships -- something you can't force, but has to happen naturally. The waiting part is hard.... I try to lean into God during lonely seasons and ask Him to show me the way to build bridges with the new folks around me. I've been at my job now for 6 years, and i finally feel like I am connecting there... it took a while though.

  5. Way to go, you brave girl! You're beautiful- fun to "talk with you" this morning here! This lent I'm trying to pray through the hours.. not a natural thing for me to pause and pray- learning much about my selfish heart. So glad there's grace for all!

  6. Thank you everyone for your encouraging words!! I really appreciate it so much. I definitely think I will do another as it wasn't so bad as I thought. I appreciate everyone's understanding of making friends...it does take time.

  7. Yeeeaaaah I got to see you ALMOST in person! I think you did a great job for your first vlog. Ive been thinking about playing around w vlogging....but not sure yet!

  8. Great vlog! I really don't have any friends either. I do have some, but they are all about an hour away, and that just seems so far. And my anxiety keeps me away from the phone. I've tried different things to try to meet people (even church! I know! me!) but nothing has worked out. It is really difficult some times.

  9. love your bravery and your vlog! of course this makes me sad too because I miss you so much :( you are an amazing person and any one who wouldn't want to be your friend is just crazy ;) love you dearly


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