Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter food for thought...

As different people do different activities on this day, my mind and heart went here:

We are a people who believe in nothing or something. Humanity can choose
devotion to one God or many Gods or no God.
the God I am devoted to is the most loyal, loving God I know. How?

He is the only God who ever endured humiliation, betrayal, mocking 
and beating to demonstrate that we are THAT important
to him. Love's a sacrifice and he did that because he wants us to be with him-forever



  1. Amen! Happy Easter to you across the sea. Have a great day full of blessings. x

  2. Sweet, sweet pictures, girl. Hope your Easter was wonderful. Thanks for all of the encouragement you blanket over the online world!

  3. Dionne, thanks for sharing a piece of your heart and home with us.
    Wonderful 'food for thought.'


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