Thursday, March 29, 2012

O Coffee! My Coffee!

If you understand the reference in my title above...well, then we are both well versed in literature.

There are really only two earthly delights that excite my taste buds, tickle my nose with giddiness and well, perhaps reign over me: Chocolate and Coffee. 

 I was 6 and my parents adored coffee as much as I do now. I was allowed to swallow the beautiful concoction of decaf with milk and sugar. Heaven! Strong, addicting. That was probably when I fell in love with coffee. 

Java served me well after nights of too much of a different beverage (not my finest moments), and no sleep, and lots of studying in college.

AND...then there was a certain store that offered all kinds of different mixes, flavorings...iced or hot.
 That's when I couldn't stop thinking about it. When my affair began. When the artist in me decided that my coffee should reflect my creative self. 
So I started with frothy, steamy coffee and added a myriad of different tastes. All with the help from that big chain that exists on every corner.

Chocolate, Hazelnut, both, just vanilla, or vanilla and white chocolate, Creme Brulee, pumpkin, cinnamon and chocolate...well, you get the idea.

Turns out my favorite is Hazelnut, or chocolate or sometimes both.  

 Did I mention the jolt as the extra bonus?
 Yeah, that is probably the secondary part of my addiction. 

"O Coffee, My Coffee! 


  1. Oh yeah! I do love a good cup of sweet and creamy coffee ... and the "hey, let's get this house spic and spam, hut, hut, hut" effects are pretty awesome, too!

  2. Oh Captain, my Captain ? *L* Did you really mix all those flavours? I fell in love with the certain store Vanilla Lattes. Didn't have to add anything to them. Yumm. :) stopping by from Mama Kats!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! You totally got the poem reference. Sweet! Well, I didn't mix all of them together...just a few at a time. I like those Vanilla Lattes too. Yum is right!

  3. I don't like flavored coffees, but I love a good cuppa joe!

  4. Last summer I had an iced caramel macchiato with hazelnut... that was amazing - definitely recommend that and will have to have it again!

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  6. Coffee at 6...I'm sad to say my love did not begin until my mid 20's. Why didn't you tell me what I was missing out on!?! ;)

    1. Ya know if we had met at 6...I so would have said, "Want to try it? Everyone is doing it." Hehehe.

  7. I like this.
    First thing in a morning, plain strong coffee with sugar and milk. Elevenses, almond latte (preferably with one of those tiny little wrapped biscuits that come with it). After lunch, two shot Americano to keep me awake. Mid afternoon - got to be tea, since that's the way we do things here in the UK. After dinner, decaf filter with cream and sugar.
    Just saying. :-)
    Nice to meet you. I'm off for a nosey round your site now, if you don't mind...
    God bless.


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