Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The "M" word: Matryoshka

He climbed on the brown colored couch to the tip top and reached for the Matryoshka. 
"What is this mommy? Can I play with it?"

"It's a doll. It is special to me so you can't play with it, but
I can show you why it is so important to me." 

We sat down on the couch as I carefully opened the wooden doll. I showed him how there were four hidden dolls inside the main doll. 
His ocean blue eyes widened with delight. He wanted to play and hold each of them. I could identify with his curiosity. 

 My hands gently slid along the painted faces as I admired the uniqueness and craftsmanship. Such imagination. I've always had a fondness for items with hidden compartments. My dresser is like that. Deceitful and crafty. I keep my treasures and knick-knacks concealed above the pajama drawer.  

I do that with God too...keep what I treasure sometimes from Him. Well, it isn't like it is really stashed away where He can't find it.
But, I still hang onto it like it is. 

I am like that doll. Most people only see the main doll and a few get to see maybe three, but only the Lord knows the core (fourth) piece. The real me that sometimes I don't even know exists. 

He knows all the "treasures" that lie inside just dying to be discovered. Yet, out of fear, the ''X" on the map doesn't lead to fortune. 

So I must trust God and quit believing the lie that I can't do it. Or that somehow God couldn't possibly be asking me to do anything special for Him or the world. Perhaps I am and don't even know it because I am too wrapped up in the lie. Or my inabilities.

But...I am more precious than that doll.
God has given each of you a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another." NLT

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  1. Now I have an entirely new perspective on our little nesting doll on the mantle. Thank you!


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