Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The "M" word: Monument Moment

Andrea, Heather and I at the Monument.
My duo of merry women came to visit me this past weekend. I feel so lucky to have such great friends who would trek the Rocky Mountains to come see me.

They were here to encourage me, but I think we took turns encouraging each other. I made them authentic Indian dishes and we all ate til' it hurt. In that same moment we laughed til' it hurt too. Oh, the joy of girlfriends!

We went to the Colorado National Monument and well...the time there was monumental! No pun intended really. There were occasions of silence, silliness, prayer, even singing! I hadn't seen either of them since October. I realized how much I missed being able to just be me with them.

So...there were bits of tree and rock humor.

A few minutes of Kung-Foo with the sun was necessary at one point. 

Then, Heather and I just needed to JUMP! Might as well Jump...think popular eighties song.

AND favorite Monument moment was a ledge off of Devil's Kitchen facing the sun with my one of my best friends, Andrea. We sat together and realized how small we were, how rocks falling sounded cool. I understood just how special she was to me because I wanted to sit there with her longer and just talk and hang out. See, with her, I don't have to pretend. The troll side of me can emerge and she can handle it. If I am silent or talkative, she doesn't mind. She is understanding, she is patient, generous and forgiving towards all, not just me.  I love her for that! Andrea is a friend every person could use more of in their life!

I was sad to see them go. That has been one of the hardest parts of leaving Fort Collins...I left so many precious people who may not know how much they have touched this life of mine. Like Andrea and Heather, these people have made me a better me!

Here is Andrea's great account of how I felt after they left...

How blessed am I ?

Missing Leah, Yvette, Debby B., Harris Staff, Nicole, Jessica, and Life Church Family too!

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