Monday, March 19, 2012

The "M" word: Migration

It took us three attempts before we found them. There was still no guarantee and we had to trust a woman's message on a post. A woman we never met. They migrate this way every spring. Hundreds of flocks of Sandhill Cranes. 
Okay...if you are not an avid birder like I am than you won't understand my passion or why I light up when I tell others that hubby and I were lucky enough to see the Aplomado Falcon!

You probably really don't get why my blog's title is migration. Really? Who wants to read about that?

Just stick with me...

Back to the cranes...long-necked, gobblers of corn. At, 9 AM, we arrived at Hart's Basin and there had to have been at least 400 Sandhill Cranes, but probably more. They didn't fly away until 10:45 AM. 
They wait patiently for thermals (I am no scientist, but this translates to an upward current of warm air that these birds use to gain height).  Two cranes, literally, decided it was time to catch the wave, er, I mean current. Somehow they knew when it was time to fly North again. Time to gain height because they were going to have to fly over a very large flat-top mountain (around 11,000 ft).
They fly in a circular pattern together while chattering their crane speak the whole time and it is a beautiful loud.
But, how do they know when and where to go?
True, after driving the same highway, well, you just know how to go and maybe when the air feels warm it kind of signals them?
 But, how do they know it is time to fly? Does God speak to them the way He speaks to us? Or is it just instinct?

That's where I am struggling right now, knowing when God is asking me to fly or stay put. Knowing that it isn't my thoughts or desires, but His. I'm not alone in this, right?  
I want to be more confident in hearing His voice, not audibly necessary because I know that doesn't happen a lot. But, He says in His word that His sheep (us) know His voice. Do I? I mean I spend time with the Lord daily and I listen as best I can, but sometimes I wonder if my pride or flesh hear things that aren't really there or from Him.

It just makes you feel like a fool and less confident when you get duped by your own self or the enemy.

As I am attempting this year to say yes to God more, I wonder if my lack of hearing is often fear. An excuse to really just say no.  I know if I do get it wrong that I can be forgiven, that God can steer me back to the right path. Thank goodness!

My migration goal: 
I want to be like the Sandhill Cranes, trusting God with the when and the how.



  1. I love watching birds, too. This is a struggle for me, too, listening to God for direction. Visually, I've begun to think of His providence as a net spreading all around a tightrope walk, catching me which ever way I choose. :)

    1. I love the tightrope analogy...that so encourages me to think of it that way! Thank you!

  2. What a lovely picture you paint of the crane's migration! I can only imagine the sights and sounds as they find their thermals and begin their journey.

    Like you, my hubbie and I have had to do a lot of trusting and praying, and he has moved into a new position in a town which will require us to relocate, which will mean finding a new church.

    As you say, it takes lots of letting go and hanging on to listen and follow.

    Do you have a OneWord for this year? If you haven't chosen one, I would highly recommend visiting the blog It can really rock your world.

    1. I don't have a OneWord for this year, but I am so going to visit that blog. Thank you for recommending it and for helping me feel encouraged!

  3. Love to hear how God is growing others the same way He is growing me! Blessings to you today.

  4. I loved your post. I am not much a bird watcher, but I love your migration goal and I share it too!

  5. I would assume that they (the birds) notice the warmth and it signals them to move.

    I think that's the way He works with us too. He lights a fire and it warms us and we have to move in the direction He leads. As you begin to trust the Voice more and move more, as you mature in following it, you will be able to better discern it from the other voices. It's a learning process. He is better than any mother bird letting them fly from the nest though and is patient with us until we have ears to hear and eyes to see and until we know His voice from the others.

    Ask Him to confirm His voice to you through Scripture. He almost always does. especially when you are learning to discern.

  6. Oh, this is beautiful... the knowing when to fly and when to stay put, that's the struggle!!

    thanks for sharing... visiting from Write it, Girl!

  7. "I wonder if my lack of hearing is often fear. An excuse to really just say no." I know this place, when God doesn't seem to be speaking and I realize He already spoke, He's just waiting for me to listen to what He's already said before saying anything else. Thanks for sharing. It's cool to see how God has used your love of birds to teach you these life lessons.

  8. Agree with Brown Paper and Strings! Also, Kathy C. spoke about this in detail during our last women's conference. She suggested to keep a journal, and mentioned that God speaks to each of us in a different way. She said as you seek Him, you'll begin to notice a pattern. Ie, maybe it's before bed, or first thing in the morning! So you would want to be available during that time especially. For me, it's often when I am 'alone' with worship music (not usually really alone!). I have to keep a notebook near! Kathy also mentioned that there are ways to confirm what you think God may be telling you.

  9. I think this is a great analogy. I love birds. There is so much to learn from them.


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