Saturday, February 2, 2013

The likes and dislikes of Ground Hog Day...

Okay, Feb. 2nd. It is just a day, right? Not for me. Let me explain with a list (smile).

What I like about GHD:

1. It is one step closer to spring and warmer temperatures.
2. It is my late mother's birthday
3. A cute rodent is famous because of tradition.
4. Sometimes the said rodent predicts correctly and spring comes early.

5. You can eat too much chocolate and no one thinks that is wrong or weird unless of course a person is uber strict about calories and thinks sugar is evil. Okay, yes, I have proved that one can have a slight addiction to the white stuff, but I will never apologize for having my fair share of chocolate.

6. It is pretty much a neutral month with most people getting President's Day off (bonus)...except for Valentine's Day...which is nice because it is about chocolate and loving someone, but see below for what I don't like about this month. I am torn.

What I dislike about GHD:

1. It is my late mother's birthday. Read, a reminder that she is no longer here to celebrate another year of life.
2. It is one day closer to my birthday (May) which reminds me that although spring is coming, I am no spring chicken. However, I am growing old gracefully, thank you.

3. Valentine's Day-Blah. A day for others to show you they love you...shouldn't we always show others love? It is also a day to waste money on ultra-CHEAPLY made chocolate, silly stuffed animals that know adult really wants, and flowers that die. How depressing. Alright already, I will confess that I am a chocolate snob.
Honestly, my hubby or others should spontaneously win me over with chocolate at least once a month. Okay, I know that sounded selfish. Sorry, just being honest about my chocolate addiction fascination.

4. In most of the U.S. it is still winter (enough said). Sometimes the Ground Hog predicts more winter. Boo!

5. The failure of too lofty goals (some people call them resolutions) has shown up by now.
This is why I don't make them. Instead I take small steps to change me or I plan a reachable goal. For example, I might try exercising an extra day or for 15 minutes more or send one piece of writing to a publisher.
One year, I slowly introduced hubby and I to whole grains and whole wheat. We now eat mostly non-white carbs. Think whole wheat bread, tortillas, multi-grain or wheat noodles, and my personal favorite: whole wheat Jasmine or Basmati rice for my authentic Indian and Thai recipes, Yummy!

6. The lack of sun causes depression, my nails don't grow well and I am getting spring fever BAD!
Did I mention I love spring, summer and fall? Winter is pretty and needed, but it is not my favorite.

SO there ya have it. Your turn. Tell me what you like/dislike about Ground Hog's Day?


  1. I love that you have Groundhog Day, and I love that this year your little creature predicts an early Spring. Hooray! Roll on Spring.
    The other morning I found the first snowdrops in our garden. There was a rumour that there were snowdrops and it turned out to be true.
    I can see why this date would have mixed connotations for you, Dionne. Thinking about you as memories stir and you look backwards and forwards while staying in right now as well.

  2. Hmmmmmmmm....I aware on this day (yesterday) that: the days are getting longer, the trees and shrubs are showing minute signs of life and bonus--I get an entire week off in February 'cause of school calendars.

    And I am a chocolate snob, too. Dark--is there any other kind? Theo makes the best :-)
    thanks for asking, Dionne.

    1. You get a whole week off in Feb? That is great! Dark chocolate?...NO, there is NO substitute! :)

  3. Living in Arizona for so long I didn't really care about groundhogs day....but now????

    Hugs to you.I hope you made it through your mom's birthday relatively ok.


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