Sunday, February 24, 2013

What the current contents in my purse say about me...

I was in middle school when I carried my first purse. It was a neutral color with a long shoulder strap and not very big. I didn't carry much: a brush, mirror, coins because I rarely had any cash, Bubblicious Bubble gum (think 80's and blowing big bubbles) and a picture or two.

Ya know that joke where the older you get the bigger your purse gets? Well, in my case, it is more like the older I get the more stuff I haul around in my same-sized, medium purse! I just can't bring myself to buy a bigger purse. And so the purpose of my bag is no longer about feeling grown up or a fashion statement or to hold my driver's license and ya know, tampons. Yes, I used the "T" word.

The contents in my purse as I write this?...
The usual
A wallet, brush with hair-ties, keys, sunglasses, cell phone, a mirror, women stuff, receipts, and lip gloss.

The necessities when I launched my professional career
A pocket calendar, paper pad, pens, breath mints, Tylenol, hand sanitizer, oil blotting paper, lotion coupons/gift cards/ or point cards.

Surprise necessities...around 2007 
1. An Epi-pen for when a wasp or bee decides to sting me.
2. Powdered sunscreen or some organic kinds: My skin is allergic to something in most sunscreens available.

The I wouldn't have ever had this in my purse before kids contents:
     1. Crayons/Activity books-need I say more?
     2. Hand wipes (for sticky moments and the mysterious white crud around my kid's mouths). 
     3. Sugar packets...for those moments when an unhealthy need for a pick up arises, just kidding. The packets were actually for a cup of coffee I had and wanted to sugar it myself so it wasn't so sweet. They are still in there from a week ago.
     4. Tissue- snotty noses and boogers, of course.
     5. Band-Aides
     6. A pacifier (when they were younger) and now? A car or action figure!
     7. My kid's insurance cards/information for the doctor, etc.
     8. Snacks such as granola bars, bananas, or cheese sticks.
     9. Occasionally, a pair of socks, a diaper or gloves have taken a ride.
     10. A "Mona Lisa" flashlight. Yes, you read that right. I am artsy and it was a gift given to help me find items in my purse when it is dark and or to see the lock at my door when it is dark.
UM, now it is actually another toy to entertain the restless natives at the store.

So, as you can see, I am almost prepared for any kid-like or kid-inducing event! The days of the young woman trying to anticipate and be ready for the cute guy or to be efficient at work is long gone.  Enter the super-adapted momma...ready for gunk, stickiness, owies, germs, hubby's headaches, boredom, and hunger pangs. Ka-pow!

Okay, your turn...what do you have in your purse that well, you know you wouldn't have had even a year ago?


  1. Lol! I have passed all the kid stuff, but I'm still trying to carry too much. The worst one is notebooks for writing ideas down(but who needs three???) time to clean it out! Stopping by from SDG.

    1. Three notebooks! I love it. Hey, when you are an musician, writer or artist you can't EVER have enough of something to write on!

  2. I'm past the stage of crayons and plastic dinosaurs in my purse. What I have now that I didn't a year ago. . .reading glasses! And lotion tube for extra dry skin. Yep, I'm getting older;)

    1. You crack me up! I have lotion too! Reading glasses I am sure will come my way since it seems to be the norm of getting older.

  3. My friend gave me her old iPhone 4 when she upgraded... so that's what I now have in my purse! Not that I ever actually get to use it. My kids usually have their hands on it. I won't complain, though. If their hands are busy then they have less time to create havoc!

    1. Oh, yes, anything to keep them busy and not create havoc! I hear ya, sister! :)

  4. Well last year I would've never thought I'd be trading my purse for a diaper bag yet again!


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