Friday, January 20, 2012

Some vivid accounts...

Writing for 5 minutes using the word vivid as my subject. From:

5 meanings for the word and I am gonna try to write about all of them.

1. Snow is the whitest white I know. Sometimes when I see it sparkle in the sun I am reminded of how my understanding of Jesus is...a pure sparkle, a hope, beautiful, Savior to the world.

2. The Painted Bunting (a bird everyone should see) is the most brilliant of birds I have seen. Every color of the rainbow seems to exist on this bird. Blue, red, green and even a hint of indigo blaze on this bird. Only the males possess such coloring, but it is one of the most delightful creatures to me.

3. I have never been a big fan of vivid accounts of hard, disturbing things, but mine is the like that unfortunately! I was in the passenger seat on Halloween night when my friend and I saw a young man on the side of the road waving us down. He had been in an accident. He looked as if he was wearing a mask. He WAS NOT. He lost one eye. His face mangled like road kill and blood was everywhere. I held his hand. I don't know if he survived.

4. Sometimes memories are a curse. Especially uncomfortable or painful ones! Like the time my dad said my thinking was futile. Nice, huh? I am still taking that memory captive to the Lord.

5. I have always been told I have a vivid imagination at times. I think children are better at it though. I do think of things pretty quickly. Like what if we all had purple hair, horns on our heads and possessed one magic power? What would the world be like then?

Vivid...what a great word.


  1. <3 it

  2. It is a great word! And you tackled it from many perspectives. Nice work.

  3. Its so true memories can be vivid in both the good and the bad. I am still working on making painfully vivid memories to the Lord also. And making sure the pure vivid memories remind me of the blessings

  4. I don't think I have ever seen a Painted Bunting. I guess I would remember if I had. My favorite bird is the Meadowlark. When I lived in the Ozarks, Meadowlarks would sit on our fence posts and sing the most beautiful songs.

    And from the thinking reflected in your writing, I'd say your thinking is anything BUT futile. I'm sorry for those hurtful words. I have of few of those kinds of phrases lingering in the back of my mind from my dad too. I'm trying to take captive and every thought, though, just as you said.

    1. Meadowlarks are awesome. I love the way they seem to sing their heart out! How fun that you would just get to see them on your fence. Thank you for a very kind comment. I was truly touched by your words. I look forward reading your blog more.

  5. All that in five minutes! You were vivid in your use of description!! :)


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