Thursday, January 5, 2012

Want some punch?

Writing Prompt: Tell us about something you punched:


Okay, Where do I start? I'm kidding.

I am NOT bragging below nor claiming I am proud, but I will admit that...

I have punched, no obliterated a pillow. Yes, after punching, I tore it to shreds pillow. (Post-part em makes you do crazy stuff man).

I have punched "punching" bags, my high school locker (metal and an ugly pastel yellow, but that is not why I punched it), the air, and two people. One girl and one male college student.

The locker and the male college student COMPLETELY deserved it. I punched the male college student to save myself from him. He was beginning to be an abusive boyfriend. Not that one should ever have to justify defending ones self.

Well, the locker incident was instead of saying or doing something I would regret. Surprisingly, I didn't break or hurt my hand really.

All in all, I don't go around punching things. These have been rare occasions when my anger or grief or the need to protect myself overcame turning the other cheek or escaping the situation in a different manner.

Well, what have you punched? C'mon, no one is judging.
If they do...well, you know. Just kidding


  1. I'm definitely guilty of punching a pillow ... but that's about it. I think ... :)

  2. metal is never a good thing to punch. and good for you for defending yourself! :)


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