Saturday, January 21, 2012

Party For Two

Two years. Really?
I get the privilege of raising two sons. Trading dolls for trains. I don't know if words can truly describe Grant. My brown-eyed cutie with the best dimple in town! His sweet grins and infectious laughter fills my life, my rooms daily. You are tender and silly. You came into the world differently than your big brother, but at least you came into the world! You have a quiet strength. I love that about you. You are a great hugger!

A party for two.

We celebrated Grant's 2nd birthday today. We let Big Brother share the day since their birthdays are so close.

I borrowed inspiration and ideas from two different blogs I found to create a unique cupcake decoration using a Thomas the Train theme. and Thomas, Edward, Dennis and Mavis are hauling some important cargo. Animals, fish, and the number 2 for Grant!

See pictures below:

You grabbed a cookie before a cupcake and that just makes me smile. The party was a success.

Grant, I am so glad to have you in my life. Daddy and I love you so much.

Happy Birthday Grant!


  1. It sounds like such a great day. How wonderful that family got to spend it with you. Happy Birthday to both of your wonderful boys! Your cupcakes and train set up turned out fabulous!

  2. He is SO cute. We are lucky!!


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