Sunday, January 15, 2012

4 years to this day...

Seems like it was only yesterday that my firstborn son, Schafer was resting on my tummy. Brand new to the world. Such a gift that I couldn't wait to show off. I had to wait five days past my due date to meet him. I was so impatient.

My mind still smiles and my heart still beams with the memories of those first few weeks with him. He was so tiny. So fragile, but strong. Hubby and I were so sleep deprived. In a fog. We were so in love with this sweet little boy. Still are.
He used to cry more, smile while nursing, and sleep in the most peaceful way I have ever seen. He used to love kicking his legs for fun.

Oh, those big blue eyes with the longest eyelashes I have ever seen. He still has them only he is bigger. Now, he speaks in paragraphs. He brushes his own teeth. He tells jokes and prays precious thoughts to the Lord.

Am I raising him right? Will he be a man of God?
I am doing my best. I want him to be a person filled with mercy, compassion, love, respect for others, manners and a deep passion for the Lord.

I miss the days I could just hold him and he didn't wiggle to be free, but I like how friendly and kind he is now. How he can tell me what he needs and wants.

I am so lucky to celebrate this special day for such a special person.

Happy Birthday Schafer!


  1. So sweet!! I love that baby picture and those big eyes! Happy birthday to your little man.

  2. Nice post thanks for sharing..blessings for you...loves soraya

  3. Nice post thanks for sharing..blessings for you...loves soraya

  4. What a sweetheart little guy and I really like your expression of love for him in this post.


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