Monday, January 9, 2012

Twilight Zone at the bookstore

Ever have one of those moments or days that is so weird or random? Hubby coined it as a Twilight Zone experience.

This past Sunday, Hubby and I with kids in tow decided to shop at Barnes and Noble with a gift card we received from my best friend.
What harm or weirdness could occur at a bookstore right? Not like you expect someone to rob the place..."give me all your books or else"...okay I probably went to far.

Well, let me set the stage for you. It is 4:00 in the afternoon. I take the boys to look for dinosaur or Elmo books in the kid's section. The boys are already a bit hyped up from a couple of cookies they had earlier, but no reason to suspect anything. Sweet hubby is looking for a good fiction book. Me? well, I have no clue at this point.

The first odd moment to occur is that the boys start getting more hyper. Yelling, crying and extremely possessive of their new books that we have to pay for. I swear I have never seen them act this way. My oldest throws a fit and somehow gets a cut (he did not have a book and he was in a stroller and we seriously can't figure out how he cut himself).

Next, the random cut causes massive hysteria and a scraggly, overweight, 40ish man gives me a disappointing, shush your brat up look. I admit I was irritated so I look at the man and say, "He HAS a cut." The guy seriously freaks out and starts babbling like a 4th grade girl! Hubby at this point intervenes and says,"Are we in grade school?"

I should not have jumped to conclusions. I doubt I misinterpreted the look, but I should have just ignored him. I guess I did it because I get tired of being judged as a parent. (people who don't have kids are the worst...they think they have all the answers). Kids cry and throw fits! Adults do too as said above of older man. After a few more ugly words from the man I said, " Sorry, I misunderstood you."

Then, hubby takes boys as he asks a bookstore clerk about a book he wants in paperback. She seriously DISAPPEARS (for what seemed like 5 minutes)! So since the boys can't calm down and hubby is sure he wants to read a different book, he tries to leave the bookstore. The door alarm goes off. Hubby says, "I don't think we have any books in the stroller." The ghost clerk returns and says they don't have the book in paperback. Luckily they let him leave unharmed. Wink, wink.

Meanwhile, I find a doodle book, pay for our books and just when I think our weird experience is over...We discover that the cashier rang up a book twice. SO NOW I have to go back (NOOOOOO!) into the store and get my money back.

Let's just say we all sighed and were glad to get out of that bookstore as we wooshed away in our trusty white Jeep.

PLEASE share a TWILIGHT ZONE moment with ME...(so I don't feel like I am the only one).

***No books were harmed in the this story.

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  1. Oh my ... it's awful how one simple trip into public can go haywire! I remember a trip to the library where we took 5 trips to the potty, almost smuggled a book out in the stroller and got shushed by the librarian. Twice. And burst out in terrified cries during the puppet show. So fun!

    Are we one for tomorrow? 10?


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