Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trying Something New...

I am a big fan of trying new things. No wait, no I'm not. Well, okay...depends.

I was super excited about sewing my son's baby blanket. (I am in no way a sewer...just for clarification) Then again, I felt overwhelmed and thought, what am I thinking? Sure, I know how to cut fabric and run the machine sort of, but to actually make a semi-decent blanket...ummm,hmmm.

Do you ever find yourself torn like that? You don't want to be fearful, but you don't want to experience rejection, failure or pain? Yeah, me too!!

So I am trying something new again. (Sweet hubby is sweating in panic at the moment). I know, this could end in disaster. Somehow, I don't think that will happen in this case.

How do I know that?

Well, because what is new for me doesn't involve anything that will burn the house down, break something, hurt me or bring me regret. Yes, my kind of new thing!

What is new for me is praying God's word.

I know I don't serve a mean God who will turn me into a "Medusa" if I don't get it right. So no worries.
I have never attempted let alone entertained this new idea. In fact, Beth Moore is the first person whom I've come across that has ever even shared how or why this is important.
It has changed everything.
It has opened my eyes to so much. Not only am I reading more scripture, but I am personalizing it to me (not that we should get prideful here). I use God's word to pour out my heart and express my self the way David did in prayer. David seemed so confident and he was forthright in his prayers whether he was crying out in anguish or giving all glory and praise. I admire that about him.

Can I share a personal example?
While praying Psalm 25:1-10 (a Psalm of David),
I discovered a new level of trust as I prayed "Lord
you say that no one who trusts in you will ever be disgraced."
I believe that! God consistently graces us,
redeems us. He will always get the glory and we will
be rewarded for our faithfulness in trusting Him.

We will NEVER be disgraced by GOD.

Can we do a little "sweeeeet" and an amen?

Being "rewarded" after trying something new.

Not an excuse for not saying sorry or feeling conviction, but how rich are we who serve a God who does not condemn? I needed that this week for I made more mistakes than I care to share. Some in my heart, some outwardly.

But...I prayed verse 4, Show me the right path, O'Lord; point out the road for me to follow and verse 8, Lord...[thank you that you] show the proper path to those who have gone astray.

Point out the proper path I should take in my marriage, parenting, friendships, as your servant!

Well, I am no expert now, but this great discovery is a reward I am more than willing to lavishly enjoy!
(thanks, Beth Moore and God)

Please share if you have ever done this...if you haven't and want to...try Psalm 139:1-18 or Isaiah 43:1-4 and 10-13.


  1. Such power in God's word .... way to tap into His promises! Hope the blanket turns out well! If you need some help, I know my way around a sewing machine pretty well. :)

  2. It sounds really good. I'd like to try it. Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions.


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