Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Two pairs of pants. Three layers of shirts. One heavy down jacket. Thick gloves, hat, binoculars...30 degrees isn't going to stop me from finding some birds!

Yes, this past Monday I went to look for birds. What? Did you just say, "Look outside your window, dummy and you're bound to find them." Ha, ha, cute. True, noted and ignored.

No, seriously, I am not looking for the common House Sparrow or Dove. I went looking for birds of prey, waterfowl and any other winter bird that was brave enough to seek sunlight and an insect breakfast. There's a wildlife area owned by a state park here that precious hubby dropped me off because on foot you don't have to is good. The day was pretty cold, but beautifully full of perfect sunshine and no wind.

So off I went with hubby's pocket knife (thanks for watching out for me, crumb-cake) and binoculars searching for any shadow or other object that didn't blend into the terrain. Okay, I admit there was a frozen lake, was tempted to go ice skating on it, but instead I saw ogled the Canadian Geese, Northern Shovelers (ducks with spatula beaks), Coots, Mallards and some Mergensers. I saw two Red tail Hawks as well and some other cute, small birds like the Juncos.

All in all, my birdwatching was a success, I got some "me" time and even had a conversation with the Lord to myself about the study I did that morning. I had just learned a bit more about God's glory. I guess I have never really thought about what that is or what it looks like. I know I have some understanding of it, I've seen it on more than one occasion and well, I do use the word correctly. "To God alone be the glory." "That you, Lord would get all the glory."

Glory be to God. Glory to God in the highest. Oh, He so reflects those statements. He not only deserves glory (honor, but HE IS GLORY, glorious (the presence of the Divine being, perfect, Holy, excellent...) and He SHOULD in all his awesome perfection get glory (rejoice proudly, worship, be in

I won't pretend that my study makes me an expert now...not even close. Oh, but to ponder, to learn, to remember God and His greatness leads me to realize how badly I need to humble myself. I need to love God just for the fact of His glory.
Beth Moore, in Living Free says, "First, we see that the glory of God always has an impact."

I can attest to that fact very much! When I have seen God working in my life or others I have found myself without words. I have not seen God that I know of face to face or anything but I know I've seen His glory. See another example below:

Above is a picture my husband took of the Peregrine Falcon I spotted just before this past Christmas.

This bird is flies SO fast that it often kills its' prey in midair just by the impact of the speed. I think one can see a piece of God's glory in the things He created. Okay, it is hard to feel that way about mosquitoes.

God is not a God you have to feed, burn a candle to, blow yourself up for, or give away your last dollar to know Him.

God loves US enough to reveal who He is...He is attainable, available, and unfailing!!

ALL Glory, including my Blog be for Him alone.


  1. A great reminder that God's glory is revealed in every bit of His creation. Glad you got some time for you, too!

  2. Awesome post. I really like how you share bits of your life and the way you link your experience and thoughts to God. We should never stop revering His glory. Sounds like you have an awesome hubby ;) Just kidding, he is lucky to have you!


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