Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Post for the New Year...Reflections, Fortitudes, and Resolutions???

A family tradition: Black-eyed Peas for good luck.

Hmmm, what to write for a New post in a New Year?
Well, of course one might expect me to write about my New Year's resolution. Obviously New Year's resolutions set us up for disappointment. We should set healthy goals all year round.

So what will be my rambling (in royal purple text...oooh) subject for today? Read more...

I look back on 2011 and I can't help but reflect on it. How hard it was at times or how joyful it was other times. It would be nice to say I am entering 2012 with a joyful outlook, I am super healthy and all is well.

But, I would be a liar.

I am as human as ever. I still feel lonely, misunderstood, dissatisfied and at times invisible. I am bringing many of the same issues into 2012 as I had in 2011. Still no resolution.

YET...not all is lost! If you believe God than you believe in hope. Notice I didn't say believe in God. Nopers...anyone can do that. Believing God requires one to quit believing in self or to quit relying on self for the answers or satisfaction. I rely on self too much.

I try to believe God, but I find myself not.
My heart and mind deceive me greatly. How?

When I am struggling, when someone has spoken harshly to me, misunderstood me (AND doesn't care to hear me out or listen to me...ugggh), when someone has under minded my authority, disrespected me or was just a plain jerk...Well, that is when I usually beat my self up.

My "I am" statements override God's truth about who I am. I allow my fear of disapproval or how others value me to take priority over how God feels about me. When I do this, I lose.

When one has the strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage it is called, fortitude. I have to have God's strength and truth to have the fortitude needed for the many darts of hurtful actions, words, lies, circumstances, etc. thrown at me daily.

To believe God takes courage. It is listening to Him and believing Him and His word that provides the how, the answer to my "identity crisis" and to my consistent dissatisfaction.

So you see I can't make a resolution for the year because the above takes a daily plan that lasts a lifetime.

I wouldn't mind hearing your resolutions if you care to share them.


  1. Love your last little line about the daily choice to believe God. Needed that today, friend! Happy New Year! Let's meet on Thursday ... I'll email you directions!

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  4. I like the reminder to listen to God and rely on Him daily. Nobody can live abundantly without that plan. I hope your 2012 brings you joy, laughter, health, satisfaction, fortitude, least one new bird :)


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