Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Arduous, Amazing Years

Hubby and I celebrated 12 years on 12-11-11.

12 years ago this day, we made a choice to be committed to each other for life.

8 years were especially arduous.
All have been really amazing.

Arduous times:
Four deaths in one year, losing a job because of the economy just AFTER agreeing to buy a home, changing jobs, changing careers twice, going back to college, moving to a new state or city, family frustrations, finding another great church, a child in a hospital, being a charity case or dependent on others for help, going without to do the right thing, surgeries, injuries, a Peeping Tom, the invasion of mice, severe allergic reaction to mean Yellow Jackets, rejection and letting go of things you hold dear.

Amazing times:
Experiencing forgiveness, round pregnant bellies, the birth of two, healthy boys, newborn cries, being closer (mentally, emotionally and now physically) to family, aging, seeing beautiful places and being in nature together, climbing rocks, climbing spiritual mountains, giving anonymously, laughing, learning to be parents, working as a team, seeing the Sequoia Trees, playing in mountain rivers, supporting each other through disappointments, with health goals, with sugar challenges (smile).

It is easier to focus on the difficulties of marriage and life. The world in general doesn't seem to be for healthy marriages, but I am.

We've never had a perfect marriage. We've both hurt each other, but we have both loved each other through those hurts.

I want another 12 years and more of all of it. I would do it all again.

I married my best friend!

(Which is why I can get a way with making a silly face and in tricking my husband into thinking my face was normal...haha!)


  1. Happy Anniversary! And here's to many more ... but more amazing than arduous! P.S. You look lovely in your pics ... even the last one! :)

  2. So glad that I found your blog! Love all of your gorgeous pics and your honesty. It's a joy to get to know you better. :-D


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