Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thoughts on the Nativity:Inn Crowd verses the Stable Few

Writer's Workshop: .3 Your Nativity

My husband and I created it with our own hands. It is definitely no accurate portrayal of the more than 2,000 yr. old event that took place. But it is special. We made it. Every time we display it, I remember the love and respect that went into making it.

A friend quoted this saying, "Are you with the Inn Crowd or the Stable Few?"

I've never intentionally joined the Inn Crowd and it took a while to be able to hang with the Stable Few.


When I think of the Nativity, I think of a man, who wasn't technically the Father choose a child over disbelief.

I wish my father had chosen me instead of his job, his selfish desires, or another woman's children.

I think of a young mother who chose faith over ridicule and shame.

I think of two parents who risked everything for a child. Who were brave enough to face a long journey only to have a child in the most inconvenient place.

Shepherd's, whose religion saved their lives. They got to see angels in all their glory singing what I am sure was an amazing song.

Wise men who accepted the prediction in scriptures, followed a star and brought gifts to a baby they said, "...who has been born king of the Jews?" (NIV)


A man (Herod) so disturbed and threatened that he would declare that all boys in Bethlehem under two be killed.

I think of all the people who mocked and hated this baby when he became a man. The people who do this now.

I remember that when I put myself first, when I am unkind, or (insert ugly behavior here) that I might as well join the Inn crowd.

Then, I remember why this baby came in the first place. This unique circumstance.

The beauty of the Nativity is the gift behind it:

NO MATTER whether I am with the Inn crowd or the Stable few,
His birth was a gift to humanity, to me:
I am forgiven.
I am loved anyway.
He came for me.
He is for me.
I will be with him for eternity.

I remember that a baby made such an impact that a huge portion of the world celebrates a great holiday called, Christmas.


  1. Love this one today, and you are completely right!! Thank you for sharing. And just think for a moment about everything that your Father has missed out on because of his own choices. I have been through similar, and I can feel bad for them now. The baby is what makes us part of the stable few. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. that's awesome that you and your husband made it together. it looks great!

    visiting from Mama Kat's :)

  3. Beautiful job with the nativity!

  4. I love that saying. I've never heard it. This post was beautiful. Perfect!

    You made that?! And you want to buy my $14 set? LOL I got it from

  5. Thanks for sharing - I love that quote about the Inn crowd and Stable few.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours from Ireland.

  6. I love your nativity! It is so cute, and I'm impressed--I would've thought it was store-bought. What a precious gift to someday pass down to your children.

    I've never heard the Inn vs Stable crowd analogy, but I am overwhelmed every time I take a moment to really think about how Jesus chose to come into this world and to whom He first appeared. Smelly shepherds, a young, unwed mother--everything about this story of love is beautiful.


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