Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hard Questions: Part 3: The final installment of the Adkison Sagas

Above: the house we sold in Ft. Collins.

you like my title?

Sarcasm and silliness is my kind of humor.

In case you missed the first two in the trio or you are lost, here is a synopsis:

On August 3rd, we drove the curvy, steep, but beautiful Interstate 70 from Fort Collins to Grand Junction, Colorado. We were leaving a placed we really like because Chris got a full-time teaching job at a middle school. We believed and still do that the Lord wants us to be in Grand Junction. I am struggling because I am lonely and I am a Stay-at-Home mom for the first time. I am still unsure about this new label and my place in life right now. Chris and I miss Ft. Collins A LOT!
From the second part of the story...

***To pull this off, we were going to have to sell our home, pack, say goodbye to our friends, say goodbye to 7 years of memories, leave a job, leave students, co-workers, and a boss who were incredible to work with, miss our church, DRIVE a moving truck ACROSS I-70, unpack, and do ALL OF THIS by Aug. 11th!!

We had less than three months to pull this off (Miracle #1).
This is practically unheard of in the real estate world. Both realtors we worked with were surprised in the end.

Now the last part of my story is the process, the steps, and the events that led us to Grand Junction. It is the best part, really!

Ironically, we decided to hire the realtor who helped us buy the home. Within the 1st week of June, we had our house on the market AND we showed it for the first time that following Monday. If you've ever sold a home, well you know how you have to prepare it and then keep it clean DAILY for showings. Imagine this with two children under the age of 4!!!! We packed almost everything when the boys were napping and at night and had to store the boxes in the garage. The other difficult part was that Chris, the boys and I weren't working...okay this was an advantage too because we also had LOTS of time to pack, clean, etc., but when there was a showing, we had to race to get ourselves out of a house that needed to be presentable. I really can't express the stress of this and at times it was almost comically insane. So we did a lot of trips to the park.

Now, the other side of it was to look for a realtor and homes in Grand Junction. Thank the Lord for the Internet, phones and supportive in-laws! Now, this is where you see God working in all of the details: the housing market in Ft. Collins was in favor of sellers and the Grand Junction market was in favor of buyers. Coincidence? Doubt it. Miracle #2
We found homes we liked and we were tempted to buy a custom built one, but God gave me this verse:
Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.
Psalm 27:14 (NLT)

We did and we found a home we liked, but there were times when it looked like we might have to rent. On June 14th, after countless showings and rejections, we decided to lower the price of our home. Ya know you are not relying on yourself when you have to make a profit on the home you are selling in order to buy a home.

Miracle #3

Our first offer came on July 8th while we were up in Estes Park. We were so discouraged. After a bit of counter-offering back and forth, we sold our home for more than we paid for it!

Miracle #4
Neither our home nor the one we were buying had ANY major or costly repairs after inspection.

Miracle #5
Closing dates on both homes were scheduled Aug. 10th! We didn't have to be in Ft. Collins to close that home.

Miracle #6
The owner of the Grand Junction home agreed to let us lease it from Aug. 3rd to the closing date (Aug. 10th). Chris' first teacher orientation was Aug. 10th. We did actually move into the home on Aug. 3rd.

Miracle #7
We had plenty of friend and family help in Ft. Collins loading up the moving van and our drive was uneventful, with little traffic and great weather (I-70 is notorious for being a pain to drive sometimes). We also had family help with unloading the moving van in Grand Junction and friends of my in-laws brought us dinner.

7 miracles is enough to convince me that putting my trust in God worked. He is trustworthy. He to be trusted. He was and is faithful.

I still miss Ft. Collins. Sometimes I want to run back there. Sometimes Grand Junction doesn't feel like home. Ft. Collins is the place where my faith in Jesus changed dramatically. Where my sons were born. Where we bought our first home. Where I grieved the hardest in my life.

Well, what are you thoughts?


  1. It's an amazing story and I'm glad you told it here. It really does demonstrate the goodness of Christ and the power of giving "it all" to Him. It is through the trials we realize just how amazing God is. Thank you for sharing your heart and experience.

  2. This is a beautiful blog, both aesthetically, and in content. Keep it coming.

  3. way to count your blessings. gratitude is so important.

  4. God can be trusted. You said it! I learned this year that God is a God of last minute "saves". Just when you think you are not going to receive what you have asked for, you do.~ :)


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