Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tripping on Christmas Ribbon

Six more days til' Christmas!!

I finally finished all of my shopping. I stood in a long line at the Post Office to send off final packages. Done?

Nopers...I still have to hide and wrap presents. Anyone else struggle with this task?

Don't get me wrong, I really like to do both.
However, I am running out of places to hide the gifts. The bigger the gift, the harder it is to conceal. Under my bed is full, and the closet is no longer an option. I am thinking of using the garage or trunk of the car for my newest alternative.

Then, there are my final wrapping attempts. They would not win any wrapped gift contests. I think even Martha Stewart would gasp.

Ya know those blue or marked lines on the inner side of the wrapping paper?
Yep, those are for fools like me. I am artistic, but I can't draw much less cut a straight line!

Every one of my wrapping undertaking ends with wrinkles, bubbles, uneven folds, too much tape, sometimes tears or holes, but always with a bows, ribbons or both.

Did my grandmother or mom struggle with this affliction? No, as a matter of fact I used to stare with awe (and envy) as they so crisply folded and taped gifts. The perfect creases with no wrinkles. Tight, neat, inspiring. How did they do it?

In my defense, I am really good at dragging the scissors across the paper (as I carefully follow the marked lines) to cut it. It looks really suave.

When I venture wrapping gifts, the room is littered with ribbons, tissue, boxes and bows. If I don't trip on the Christmas ribbon, then I am busy curling it with the edge of the scissors' blade so my packages at least look a tad fancy. My hubby actually rubbed off the metallic shine of the ribbon as he about tore it when he tried to curl it. Yes, I was in stitches and smirked with satisfaction. I wasn't alone in my trimming disasters.

The worst part of my wrapping endeavor is when I get the tape stuck on itself or even worse, I unintentionally stick it to the paper...you can't take it off or you'll tear the decoration (and paper). At this point, I should surrender to my wrapping malady. I don't. I have to wrap the gifts. I don't want to pay someone else to do it!

Yeah...I think I should re-wrap this gift! Notice the elegant wrinkling and folding at the top.

Okay, okay...I know. Does it really matter if my gift looks like it stepped out of Martha Stewart's hand? How many people receiving my gifts really look it over and say, "I can't accept this. It is wrapped so terribly."

I try so hard. I guess it does matter to me. Honestly?
I put Christmas music on, drink hot cocoa, and do it anyway.

It is fun to give imperfectly clothed gifts!

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  1. Some of my favorite gifts have come haphazardly wrapped. :) I do love to wrap, however ... there's something about the mystery and anticipation of seeing their faces when they have their gift in the lap. What could be in there!?!?


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