Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days to Grace (Day 12): She had stopped racing.

She raced to finish her blog and her cereal. She raced her children into the car and went 5 over the speed limit to get to a meeting early that never starts on time. She raced out of the meeting and went the speed limit this time with home as her destination. After all, there was lunch and naps and laundry to tend to.

As the cars were zooming by the desperate woman on the side of the street, she too wanted to just pass her by. God whispered, "Pick her up and show her my grace." For a second, her mind was tiptoeing towards no and well, she doesn't pick up hitchhikers. She's not into the whole ax murder scenario.

This was uncomfortable, but she remembered telling herself and God that she didn't want to tell Him no anymore. Obeying is of up most importance. She pulled over. She unlocked the door. She let her in...and she listened.
       Listened to the woman hitchhiker's story. She didn't have a car (obviously) and she needed to get to her home town about an hour away. She was in this town trying to get a job. She was desperate and had to drop her pride to get a ride.
    AND...God asked her, the driver to share a bit of her story and to drive past her destination...farther than she planned because she needed to slow down in order to give grace. She for a moment had stopped racing.
 TRUE STORY...(I am the driver).

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  1. thanks for sharing...very encouraging and convicting...thankful you listend and obeyed the Lord's voice. May it be a reminder for me to do the same.

  2. THANK YOU! for being an example of what grace looks like, I am always making up an excuse and (it usually does involve a scenario with an ax murder) Great post! Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Your voice rang loud and clear in this post ... I could just see you zipping around, wrestling with your choice and blessing that woman. Well done - the writing and the serving! :)

  4. Great story!! I love this notion of race. Wonderful job Dionne! :)

  5. it's always so hard to put down your own personal dislike/judgement and listen to Him tell you to do it - I gave dollars to a young lady last night, because I genuinely stopped walking on the sidewalk to ask what her story was. I believed her and while listening to her, I understand we shouldn't always just pass them by. Thanks for the story!


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