Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 Days to Grace (Day 20): In Opportunities

On Friday, I received a hug from a student whom came to my art enrichment class three times. I don't know why she hugged me. Maybe it was because I smiled and treated her with respect? I don't know, but this temporary job is an opportunity to do more than teach children for 6 weeks. More than just encouraging creativity. Perhaps it is to shine hope or light where there isn't; I know for sure that it has been a chance to love and serve a child I may never see again for the sake of the cross.

From my students, I heard hurt. I saw it too. I felt their frustration and need for approval. And in my own human way, with the talents, skills and heart God gave me, I tried to help them. I am not sure if I have, but that won't stop me from being me with those kids. I want nothing to hinder me from obeying God and I don't want to miss his plans for my life.

When I choose to disobey, I pass up possibilities. I forego more of God's grace. You see, He give us all grace through meaningful assignments. For it is in the listening where we hear God share with us his loving purposes. Grace in serving that matters.  
Where the privilege of doing something in his name unfolds neatly in our hands and heart.

Oh, what a gift this is...I see it in being a MOPS Coordinator; I try to create a loving and accepting atmosphere each meeting. I desire for all moms to feel comfortable and welcome. I see God working...probably in me the most.

I see it in being a mom and wife. I am trying to model how to support one another and what it looks like to faithfully follow the Lord. Creating a home with abundant and limitless hugs, kisses, understanding and forgiveness. Hoping that my support and love towards my spouse shows my boys that they deserve to be treated with respect by whom they marry.  Again, God working, in my home to impact my family because I am obeying.

Friendships, strangers, neighbors...He is offering and I take it...I want to keep taking it. To delight in the spiritual joy it provides.

I am utterly addicted to His grace in opportunities. 

What about you? What opportunities has God placed in your lap?

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