Monday, October 22, 2012

31 Days to Grace (Day 22): 5 behaviors that need grace.

Sometimes I don't feel like giving grace. Yes, I am going there. The other side of grace. The one from human to human. The grace that is hard to give when we are injured, disappointed, frustrated, etc. And sometimes when this happens, I need to work on being "assertive" or  "polite and powerful." Sometimes I just need to let it go and give grace. Even if the person doing it does it over and over.

Warning: You might feel guilty as I have for exhibiting any of the behaviors listed below. No judging. We all have behaviors to work on.
Here are the five behaviors I need to give the most grace to (especially if I wimp out and don't address the behavior):

1. The turn the head syndrome: I am in the middle of a sentence (for which one seemed interested in what I was saying and even asked a question about it) and then they turn their head to see or hear something more interesting or at least their eyes divert elsewhere. This action conveys to me that what I have to say is boring or uninteresting. Lovely.

2. I am discussing a subject for which I have expertise in and the other person acts like what I said isn't valid or asks another person (who is not an expert) to corroborate my statements.

3. Snide remarks. Just say what ya really mean. -Enough said.

4. When someone says something stupid or insensitive, but you know their heart was in the right place or they were just trying to help. 

5. My ultra favorite: Someone thinking they've got me pegged even though they really don't know me. Or believing they understand who I am based on a few experiences we had together.

Oh, in these moments I need God's grace to shower me so I can pour it forth to others in these difficult situations. I do find myself more often than not, keeping my mouth shut, but that isn't necessarily me showing grace. 

I have to admit I just don't have the answer here. There are times when we must kindly tell someone that their behavior hurt us and when we must give grace and forgiveness and move on.

Tell me your answer?  

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