Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days to Grace (Day 23): in memories (a poem).

In the deepest of remembering
 every life that entered mine, 
I am given grace.

In recollecting,
my mind awakens 
to what God has done.
Again, grace.

In reminiscing
my soul moves to knowing
that grace equals blessing.

In the recognizing 
who holds my life
so lovingly in His hands
I receive grace. 
                                            -by Dionne Adkison
                                                                        (copy-protected. Please do not use without permission).

I enjoy linking up with this awesome blogger:


  1. Great poem! Love it! Always good to recognize grace in all its forms.

  2. Thank you for your encouraging words Matt ( My awesome brother-in-law). :)

  3. This is really powerful, Dionne. It's so easy to look only at the cliff in front of me, and forget all the times God's grace has caught me in the past. I'll take some time to reminisce today.


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