Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 Days to Grace (Day 7): "Schafer"isms

I'm cold. I'm tired. So instead of wallowing in that, I will turn up the house heater or put on a jacket and I will blog about one of my favorite subjects: my comical four year old. 

You are wondering what this has to do with grace? Well, this is grace to me when I feel like a failure as a mom. When I think I am not making an impact. Or When life beats me own child shows me grace and gives me laughter. What a gift...

Let me introduce you to "Schafer"-isms...
These are the funny statements and thoughts from one little person in my life. 
Here are a few of my all time favorites:

"I think the Hulk is green because he ate a lot of pickles."

"I believe in Jesus. He can take me to heaven when he feels like it."

"I am not a mean guy because I don't have a mean suit like the Penguin or Catwoman."

My clever, fun son, Schafer!

"Really, I am sad because I don't have a mustache." (I don't tell him how I will never be sad to not have a mustache).

Sung to the tune of the french song, Frere Jacques (in English, Friar John)  
"Where is Jesus? Where is Jesus? In the air. In the air."

Another kind of oops song and a bit odd is the Farmer and the Dell:
"The farmer takes a life, the farmer takes a life (Supposed to be wife. I know, creepy, but he didn't know what he was saying)."

"You are the best mom I've never seen."  Really...never seen?

Wanting to understand the name of the restaurant, IHOP...out of confusion he said, "Why do you hop?" 

"Look at those big rocks (boulders)! Someone must've hammered them tight so they wouldn't fall."

A Christmas song...cute and um, a messed up version below:
"Deck the halls with boughs of miserable." (I honestly had nothing to do with that).
 "In January, I turned into a baby." -As opposed to being born...hehe.

"If you are pretty and smell good mom, then I will marry you."

Some are really hard questions to answer:
 "How come Jesus doesn't make mistakes?"
"Does everyone have God in their hearts?" 
"Where was I before I was born?"

AND my two personal favorites:

"Mom, you are a pretty princess."

"Dear Jesus, I don't want to die to go to heaven so could you please find another way?" 

Do you have any fun quotes from kids you have overheard? Please share!

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