Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days to Grace (Day 17): What Children Teach Us About Grace

I truly believe I didn't grasp how God really sees me until I had children. There is a unique understanding of grace that occurs when they come into your life. A miracle unfolds even the minute you are told you are pregnant. At least for me it did. I instantly bonded with my children in this capacity. I fell in love before they were even here. Every little movement inside my belly was a reminder of the life that was to come...of a grace I didn't understand, yet.

It is hard to explain the love you have for your children to anyone because you can't really capture it in words. You just know that these little humans stole your heart and you don't want it back.  Yes, there have been times when my sons drive me crazy, when I have felt selfish and wanted a break from raising a toddler and preschooler, but I could never imagine my life without them. No matter what those boys do, it just doesn't change how I feel about them. Nothing can diminish my love for them because they don't have to earn my love. I would practically do anything to preserve our relationship.

Sound familiar? 

If you love and know God, if Jesus is your savior, then it should. My love for my sons and the desire for a relationship with them is the closest understanding I have to how God feels about me.  There is a distinct parallel between how I love and see my children with how the Lord loves and sees me. I don't have to earn his love. Nothing I have done today, did or will do can separate me from God. 
 These boys are teaching me an aspect of grace!
God sacrificed his child, Jesus to preserve a relationship with us.  

Now that is ultimate grace!

 What have your children taught you about grace?

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