Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Days to Grace (Day 28): in disobedience

Grace is deep. Grace is amazing...amazing that God helps us even though we are a sorry lot. God has gone and still goes to great lengths to bring us to him, to forgive, protect, encourage, provide and love us...this is one obvious reason I am not God nor could I ever be: I would have given up on us at the Garden of Eden. 

Today, in Sunday school, my oldest son learned about Balaam and his disobedience. Where God used an angel and a donkey to get Balaam's attention. The story comes out of Numbers 22:1-38. The main idea they learned was, God helps us obey him!

Wait-I have to ponder that a moment...

Even when I don't feel like obeying or like Balaam, I choose to disobey our loving God will help me obey.
     He will use what he needs to (be it a talking animal which would freak me out first and then I would certainly take notice) as a means of steering me in the right direction and getting me back to his purposes.

I still can't get over the fact that Balaam's donkey starts talking and Balaam is all cool with it? Really? He is said to be a prophet and could supposedly curse people so maybe a talking donkey was not so surprising or weird?
  I am starting to digress...sorry.

God favors us tremendously! We are so loved and so important that our God will help us do what he asks.

He is perfect, but he knows I am not...what grace.

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  1. Loved having your smiley boy in my class this morning ... and so glad he came home with some nugget of truth! Sometimes I wonder and hope!:)


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