Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 Days To Grace (Day 16): The half-way mark

So today marks about halfway since 31 days of blogging doesn't work in halves. Yes, math and me don't get along in the morning so this will have to do. It all started here: 31 Days To Grace (Day 1): Grace grew up

I will admit that I've doubted my ability to write well for 31 days...I am still hesitant to call myself a writer. I mean if we are comparing apples to apples, I would call myself a birdwatcher because I like to watch birds and all of their antics. So, yes, I like to write and therefore I guess I am a writer.

I have been stretched because I must think deeply before I blog on grace. Ya know, since I picked such a lighthearted subject (wink). But, honestly, I picked grace because I wanted to dive into its depths. My desire from the beginning of this challenge has been for the Lord to reveal a greater understanding of grace in my own life.
He is delivering.

The most profound discovery: Realizing God loved me before I was a follower of Him is grace too.

And...remembering all of the grace I have already received and how it has manifested into my core over the course of my life has been worth sharing. 

Thank you for reading thus far. May we experience gratitude as we relish God's grace.

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