Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days to Grace (Day 2): Grace to be me

Day 2: Grace to be me

     Since I have been born, I have always been me with brown eyes, two dimples and a crooked pinky.  But those are just physical traits. The real me or true real (Madeleine L'Engle) is a whole ball of complicated shaped by all kinds of factors: others perceptions of me, my own thinking of who I am, lies from Satan and who God really made me to be.     
   Unfortunately, those factors often find themselves entangled and leave me disillusioned. 

I mean, if I were to tell you who I thought I was let's say 10 years ago it might have gone like this...I am creative, silly, fun-loving, merciful, a Christian, courteous, loyal, adaptable, compassionate, forgiving, cooperative and persistent. The problem with the above is this list came from how others saw me and of course who was I to argue? ;)

And let's not forget my flaws...wait, I liked to sweep those under the rug even though hubby was great at pulling them out in an argument.

Yet, that isn't who I am now. Not that those things have disappeared, in fact, some of my perceived "good" traits have improved. A few flaws have been conquered. Seriously, we can all rejoice that 10 years has changed me, in some ways, entirely. 
That my friend is grace! 

God's presence in me. Working, molding, cleaning out and making me face the flaws...er, sin. No need to sugarcoat it.
    The more I have let God have me, opening my heart to him and not being fearful of his grace, the more grace there has been to be me!

 And so the me others see is becoming more of a true real. There's a freedom in my soul that adds joy and gratitude to my step.

Daily, I learn and relearn and remember that the "me" defined by Jesus is flawless.  

At my MIL's house...being me!

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  1. This is what I see as being authentic. God's grace applied to our brokeness and our goodness.
    I bet I would enjoy hanging out with you ... in your authentic grace.


  2. Authenticity ... letting God's grace make all of me okay. Even the yucky parts. And just being me. Ahhhh... ;)

  3. Love this: "Daily, I learn and relearn and remember that the "me" defined by Jesus is flawless." Amen to that!!

  4. You are so right, girl! Thank you for the reminder. I especially relate to your list that "came from how others saw me and of course who was I to argue?" Sometimes it's hard to find the real true in all the clutter!


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