Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days to Grace (Day 31): The greatest ending

31 days? I can't believe I made it. Seriously, I had my doubts and I was wrong. And I learned more in 31 days than I thought I would. I did it and today is the last day, but it isn't the greatest ending. That is still to come. Not from me or you, but from the most loving, merciful, living God.

The greatest ending is a tremendously merciful act of grace. For me, not having to strive any longer, hurt, be disappointed, or deal with my own failures will be sweet release. A portion of grace I hadn't seen as grace until now.

Isn't life in Heaven an impeccable be given eternal life, life with completeness, wholeness, unending joy and holiness? No bad, evil, pain or deceiving days.
Amazing, beautiful favor.

To live forever with a God who has always seen me as worthy?

Who counted the cost just to be with me and paid the price with his only son. 
How then can I not fall down and quit typing at this moment in tears of praise and joy? ( I will, but part of writing this is my praise and honor to Him) Knowing how much I don't deserve this grace, but knowing that the living God I put my faith in doesn't see it that way...He considers us worth the cross!

Now, may we all consider this grace given gift that we have received and go honor God with our lips in our prayers and conversations. Let us thank our Father God for this gift! 

Your turn, tell me how you feel about this great ending...


  1. This issue of worth is my longest-living wrestling opponent! Even last night I had those familiar niggling doubts of being worth ... anything! Ugh. Oh to see myself the way God does ... that will be a wondrous ending! :) ... And beginning in living fully!

  2. Ooooh you're really speaking to my heart this morning!!

    This idea of grace brings me to tears almost instantaneously when I really let my mind understand it because I'm so undeserving of it no matter how you look at it. And I know, we are ALL undeserving because God is perfect and holy and we are sinners and will struggle with that until we die. BUT some things, some actions, some words said, FEELS unforgivable, unworthy of grace. And the fact that God will still hand those things out freely is ... heart wrenching.

    Oh man, my heart is definitely feeling moldable this morning which is hard and beautiful. :) Thanks for your kind and encouraging words on my blog!

    Have a great Halloween day! Evan is already in costume. lol

  3. "The greatest ending is a tremendously merciful act of grace." Amen! It is beautifully true, thank you for writing and sharing!

  4. Lovely and powerfully moving words. What a call to worship!


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